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Marrakech: Morrocan approaches to fostering a more favorable business climate


Morocco has embraced and executed a variety of initiatives and strategies as integral components of its ongoing reforms. The Minister of Economy and Finance, Ms. Nadia Fettah Alaoui underscored these efforts during the 46th Conference of the Inter-Arab Cambist Association (ICA) in Marrakech (November 16-19). Notably, the focus has been on enhancing transparency in economic policies, fostering a more favorable business climate and undertaking a comprehensive overhaul of the exchange rate regime, transitioning towards increased flexibility.

Hosted by the Moroccan Association of Trading Rooms (AMSM) under the theme, “Navigating Market Challenges and Building a Sustainable, Resilient Economy through Technology”, the ICA conference convened 400 global financial market experts. These professionals span various domains, including capital markets, asset management, investment banking, risk management, data provision as well as specialized software development.

According to the Minister, the Kingdom occupies a distinguished position on both the global and regional economic fronts, and hosting this event reinforces the Kingdom’s status as a prominent investment hub, particularly in the direction of Africa.

Moreover, Ms. Fettah mentioned Morocco’s favorable conditions, including political stability, financial inclusivity and the effectiveness of governance systems in combating money laundering and terrorism financing. Adding to this, emphasis was placed on Morocco’s crucial role as a connective link among diverse economic regions and its dedication to nurturing robust economic partnerships.

“This conference takes place in a global context characterized by significant transformations in global financial markets, attributed notably to high-interest rates, geopolitical changes and a multifaceted crisis”, as pointed out by Ms. Fettah, emphasizing Morocco’s commitment to promoting innovation to unite efforts in addressing this situation.

It’s noteworthy that the ICA actively influences capital markets, particularly in discussions pertaining to foreign exchange products, interest rates, equities, commodities and an array of other assets.

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