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HM King Mohammed VI commits to national coastal upgrade including the Atlantic facade of the Moroccan Sahara


On the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the Green March, HM King Mohammed VI addressed a significant speech to the nation that reflects on the historical importance of the Green March and outlines the strategic vision for the future, particularly in the context of Morocco’s southern provinces and its Atlantic facade. We will emphasize the key elements of the speech.

Strategic significance of Morocco’s Atlantic coast

In his speech, HM King Mohammed VI pointed out the unique geographical position of Morocco, emphasizing the dual importance of its Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines. While the Mediterranean coast connects Morocco to Europe, the Atlantic coastline offers access to Africa and a window to the American space. HM the King recognized that the Atlantic facade of Morocco, particularly in the Sahara region, is an essential asset with immense potential for economic development and strategic relevance.

Structuring the geopolitical space

One of the central themes of HM the King’s speech was the need to structure this geopolitical space on an African scale. He envisioned the Atlantic facade becoming a focal point for human interaction, economic integration and a source of continental and international influence.

Investing in infrastructure and economic development

HM King Mohammed VI expressed his resolute commitment to providing the necessary services and infrastructure for the economic development of the southern provinces of Morocco. HM the King’s pledge to ensure the successful completion of major projects in the region demonstrates his dedication to uplifting the living standards of the local population and promoting economic growth.

Transportation and logistics

A vital component of this visionary plan is the development of transportation and logistics infrastructure. HM the King emphasized the importance of establishing the means for efficient transport and logistics. Additionally, he spoke of considering the formation of a strong and competitive national merchant marine fleet. Such measures are vital for fostering trade, enhancing connectivity and enabling the efficient movement of goods and services in the region.

Promoting a maritime economy

HM King Mohammed VI underscored the necessity of fostering a maritime economy that will underpin the development of the entire region. This integrated maritime economy hinges on continuous investment in various sectors, including maritime fishing, seawater desalination for agricultural purposes, promotion of the blue economy and support for renewable energy sources.

Strategic tourism development

In a strategic move to diversify economic activities within the region, HM King Mohammed VI has issued a compelling call for the implementation of a dedicated strategy tailored specifically to harness the immense potential of Atlantic tourism. This visionary initiative is designed to unlock and leverage the abundant and multifaceted assets that the region boasts. With its unique blend of picturesque coastal landscapes and the enchanting allure of the Saharan desert, the Atlantic facade of Morocco’s southern provinces is poised to become a prime destination for both beach and Saharan tourism. This visionary approach aligns Morocco’s natural beauty and cultural richness with its economic aspirations.

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