A musical invitation to Agadir

With his new hit song “AGADIR”, German chansonnier and composer Yan d’Albert invites people from all over the world to the beautiful Moroccan coastal city of the same name.

In his self-written and composed song, Yan expresses his love for his second hometown Agadir, where he also met his Amazigh wife, to whom the song is dedicated.

“AGADIR” is a single release and part of his new song album “TO YOU,” which will be released in the fall of 2023. The artist is a multi-instrumentalist and also a book author.

He won composition and song competitions at a young age. Yan d’Albert has four sons with his Moroccan wife and lives and works near Cologne, Germany, where he also runs a music store and a music school.

Info at : Yan d albert

“AGADIR” is available in three versions (acoustic, oriental-pop and disco) at:

Yan d Albert

Contact and concert booking: [email protected]


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