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The 3rd African Congress on Conservation Agriculture (3ACCA) opened on Monday in Rabat, under the theme “Building a resilient future in Africa through conservation agriculture and sustainable mechanization”.

The event aims to promote learning and raise awareness and interest in the adoption and dissemination of conservation agriculture (CA) and sustainable agricultural mechanization (SAM) in Africa.

Speaking at the opening of the congress, Mohamed Sadiki, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, emphasized the importance of the theme chosen for this 3rd edition of the congress, which is being held in the midst of an African movement to make agriculture more sustainable and capable of withstanding the effects of climate change.

This initiative is in line with the objectives of the Kingdom of Morocco, which, under the aegis of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, has placed South-South cooperation at the heart of its interests, in order to strengthen Africa’s food security in the face of climate change.

Recalling, in this sense, the launch of a “major” program to promote CA on 1 million hectares by 2030 as part of the new “Generation Green” agricultural strategy, the Minister reiterated Morocco’s commitment “to contribute alongside its African brothers, to establish resilient agriculture in Africa”.

He noted that the efforts of this congress should help develop an effective action plan to help the most vulnerable farming populations cope with the devastating effects of climate change, provide African countries with strategies to increase agricultural productivity in line with the Malabo Declaration, Agenda 2063 and the Moroccan AAA initiative, strengthen Africa’s position on CA and SAM, and enhance the continent’s effective participation in the 9th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture (9WCCA) scheduled to take place in South Africa in July 2024


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